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confused bloke has blog, iF wE eVeR mEt I cOuLd BaKe YoU a FuCkIn PiE aNd We CoUlD cHiLl AnD mAyBe We'D bE bEtTeR bRoS tHaT wAy
iF wE eVeR mEt I cOuLd BaKe YoU a FuCkIn PiE aNd We CoUlD cHiLl AnD mAyBe We’D bE bEtTeR bRoS tHaT wAy


20 oreo cookies, with the filling scraped out, crushed into powder or as close as you can get (what do you do with the filling? oh, uh, whatever you like- just don’t feed it all to Karkat like we did i suppose)

you also need 25 marshmallows, any colours you desire, half of ours were pink and it still came out a good green

you need a cup of whipping cream

a quarter cup of creme de menthe

three-quarters of a cup of milk, soy milk seperates funny so i don’t recommend it

and some food colouring (we used a whole bottle cough)

begin by setting your oven to 220c/425f, you’re not gonna use it a lot so may as well do it right


you also need 5tbsp of butter, melted. If you motherfuckers 420 this is your wiggle room, we used 2 tbsp kief butter and 3 regular and it was about a 7 hour high- remember you’re just melting the butter, not boiling it, the base has to bake so you don’t wanna nuke the thc out of it. It’ll start to smell herby when the thc is being released. I didn’t strain my butter for this because it makes the crust nice and extra savoury.

sorry there are no pictures of this part :c


mix your oreo dust and warm butter, pat into a pie shape and whack that shit into the oven for 5-10 minutes, take it out the oven and leave it out to cool

do something fun for fifteen minutes, we did facepainting of course

dump your pie crust in the freezer

get your milk in a pan and get it warm, add your marshmallows and bring it up to the boil

stir like mental because this is so close to being caramel and caramel rapes pans, people

when all your marshmallows are ooey gooey melted transfer into a nice cold bowl to help it cool

get some water in that pan pronto before it ruins your saucepan

also obviously eat some of it and take some retarded photos

no dog put that down

and then float your dreamfluff in a sink full of cold water to chill it further

bad dog! 

whip your cream (this is the funnest job if you don’t cheat and use a handmixer like we did, enjoy your wankers cramp)

now your mallows are cool, add the creme de menthe and stir like a bitch

and colour your creeeeeeam

fold together

chuck some more food colouring in???

compare with your tattoo for a minute


hows your crust? good? awesome, let’s do this shit


now this bad boy needs to be frozen for at least 3 hours, we left ours overnight but if you want it runny you can grab it in like… 2 hours or so. 420, remember all of the drugs are in the crust. the delicious oreo crust.

and we had mix left over so i used the oldest trick in the book

rim a martini or wine glass with miracle stardust

or two go on you devil

and dish it up in that

it settles into layers which is cool

we garnished ours with lower-caste blood to appease the subjugglators

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